Eight Luxurious Rehabilitation Centers Around the World

best luxury rehab centersIf it is luxury addiction treatment you seek from rehabilitation, here is a list of the eight most elegant luxury rehabilitation centers in the world.

  • Promises. United States. Boasting more celebrity stays than any other rehab, Promises carries the reputation of being the best luxury rehab center in the world. Catering largely to the Hollywood crowd, Promises treats substance abuse problems with holistic therapies, physical activity and an immaculate facility with an ocean view.
  • The Priory Group. United Kingdom. As the largest network of addiction treatment centers in Europe, the Priory Group offers treatment services for several forms of addiction and disorders, with its flagship facility in Roehampton being the pinnacle of luxury.
  • Passages. United States. This luxury treatment center is known for its highly specialized treatment that earned it the reputation of being one of the most successful rehabs in the world, and with a large world class staff, a small clientele base, and the best in elegance and refinement, its not hard to understand why.
  • The Meadows Clinic. United States. Located in the Sonoran Desert of the Southwest, this luxury rehab facility is known for treating a diverse number of problems with a variety of different treatment options, the focus being to eradicate addiction by attacking its underlying causes.
  • The Sanctuary. Australia. The Sanctuary is situated in a very desirable location on the eastern beachfront of Byron Bay, with private bungalows for patient living quarters. Specializing in luxury alcoholism treatment, this rehab unites natural Eastern therapies with behavioral counseling.
  • Valiant Recovery. Canada. Located on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, this luxury rehabilitation facility is considered the best Canada has to offer. With a distinctly Canadian setting of pines and lake recreation, Valiant Recovery boasts a high success rate for addicts recovering from substance abuse problems using highly specialized treatment options.
  • Cirque Lodge. United States. Famous for its secluded Rocky Mountain scenery and equine therapy program, this rehab facility makes use of nature and animal therapy to build self-confidence and trust within recovering addicts.
  • Serenity House. Spain. With a lush setting and classic Spanish architecture, the Serenity House is the most historic English-language rehab in Spain, and is known for its successful execution of the 12-Step program.