How a Luxury Rehab is Unique

unique luxury rehabA common misconception about luxury rehabilitation centers is that they are playgrounds or vacation locations for celebrities, with no real behavioral or medical benefits. While facilities like this do exist, there is a vast difference between a luxury rehab center with a quality reputation and one that is little more than a spa getaway.

One thing that sets a quality luxury rehab facility apart is its on-site amenities. The facility itself will often come equipped with things you might find in an expensive hotel, such as a game room, sauna, theater, gym and elegant rooms and decor. Luxury treatment centers frequently offer private rooms and chef-prepared meals, similar to what a high-profile individual might find in their own residence.

Luxury rehabs are often situated in a therapeutic location, such as near a lakeside, on a beachfront or in a secluded country-side. These kinds of environments are considered naturally more therapeutic as they remove the addict from the busy, social world that is often where their addictive behavior was allowed to flourish, and put them into a more serene, restful environment.

Often, a luxury addiction rehab will offer a wider range of activities and therapeutic ventures to participate in, such as outdoor adventure sports, yoga, gardening, pet therapy, swimming, spa relaxation and more. Again, these are common things for a person of a higher income bracket to have access to.

And lastly, rather than the misconception of a frivolous treatment program that takes a backseat to comfort and elegance, luxury rehab centers actually have a statistically higher success rate than other rehabilitation centers. This is because their higher cost can afford them access to the best and most current treatment options, along with continuing education for their staff.