Difference between a Luxury and regular rehab

When it comes to the treatment of mental health problems and addictions, one of the trusted treatment centers is a rehab. You can be sure to get quality treatment from the professionals at the rehab.

However, it is important to note that not all individuals might be able to go to a regular rehab, especially the high-ranking individuals in society.

The reason is simple, these people have lots of individuals looking up to them in their respective industries and cadres.

Therefore, it would be more appropriate to prevent them from knowing that they are struggling with an addiction or mental health problem.

Not everyone can handle the knowledge that comes with knowing that your Chief executive or public leader has a mental health problem or facing an addiction challenge.

It can be bad for their public image and the organization. This is where a luxury rehab comes in to solve this problem.

Even though a luxury rehab performs the same role as a regular rehab, some differences set them apart. One of these differences is the privacy that comes with it.

A luxury rehab is only for a select few, not anyone can walk into a luxury residential center for treatment. If you are a respected individual in society, you will most likely see other people like you at a luxury rehab.

Additionally, one of the perks that come with luxury rehab is the extra attention you will get.

The professionals at the luxury rehab are well paid so there is a tendency for them to perform more because of the premium clients in their care.

Overall, luxury rehabs are more expensive than regular ones. The reason for this is not far-fetched.

The caliber of individuals who grace a luxury rehab can afford the pricey fees that come with it. This is because they know that they will be getting a different level of value when compared to the regular ones.


A luxury rehab is for executives and public leaders who have mental health problems and addiction that should not be spotted by the public eye.

People are unaware of the fact that, these set of people face a whole lot owing to their position, and this is why a good number of them end up having an addiction or mental health issue.

One of the major reasons for this is stress. Imagine having to cater for the welfare of around 500,000 people, or seeing to the welfare of a company that has several workers; holding meetings for days on end to ensure that the company does not bite the dust.

All these are more contribute to the essence of attending a luxury rehab for executives and public leaders:

  1. Relatively affordable: A luxury rehab is relatively affordable and this does not mean it is cheap for the common man. It only implies that, the cost would not be a burden for executives and public leaders because they can afford it.
  • Top-notch services: Owing to the fact that executives, public leaders and top professionals pay a lot for a luxury rehab, the services offered are beyond the regular. First off, there are highly-sought after healthcare providers that work at a luxury rehab. They might not be constant there because of their status; having to attend to other clients who need healthcare.  
  • Good healthcare concern: This is common for all rehabs, but for an executive rehab, they would go the extra mile to make sure that their clients are well catered for. They would make sure that their diet plan is intact, their exercise routine is well-followed amongst others.
  • Networking: For an executive, attending a luxury rehab presents an opportunity to network with other elite professionals and executives. They would meet people from other career paths and walks of life that would help them become better individuals.

The above features show that there are lots to gain for executives, on joining a luxury rehab.


Public leaders are the face of the society and in one way or the other, we look up to them to direct the affairs of the country or state. For some people, public leaders are their role models and they look up to them every now and then.

It would interest you to know that these individuals have a lot they are dealing with owing to their position. Hence, it is mandatory that we cut them some slack from time to time. Even though not all public leaders are clean, it is important to appreciate their efforts.

One of the greatest challenges that public leaders face is stress. They barely have time for themselves and their loved ones because they are too busy leading the populace.

This is why a good number of them end up sick most times. And they cannot entirely be blamed for this because some of them do not know how to go about taking care of their health.

Public leaders need to make their health a top priority. It is one of the reasons why a good number of them are either addicted or have mental health problems. When either of these two health challenges are in motion, they affected the public leader a whole lot.

First off, a public leader who is addicted would not be able to lead aright. And he or she needs prompt treatment from a rehab.

In this case, it is advised that public leaders seek help from private rehabs instead of regular ones. It is not great having public leaders and citizens in the same rehab because of their status.

Those who look up to public leaders would be disappointed to find out that their role models are being enrolled for addiction or mental health treatment.

Hence, to protect their image, it is important to house them in a separate rehab where they would be with other public leaders who either have an addiction or mental health problem. This would be instrumental in helping them lead properly and receive adequate treatment.


A luxury rehab for an executive is one like no other, and this owing to the fact that they are a special set of people. Executives are individuals who have reached the peak of their career, basically through diligence and sheer luck.

Now, a good number of these individuals have gone through years of struggle in order to ensure that they become well respected people in the society.

Executives are looked up to by many people, as a matter of fact, a good number of people have taken them to be role models and mentors in that light.
An executive equally experiences stress just like members of his staff, and this is attributed to the fact that they also have a lot to handle.

First off, they have to ensure that their company or organization is in good shape. Hence, they would usually be the first to come to work, and be the last to leave.

It is their primary responsibility to ensure that the organization or company does not undergo any form of financial difficulties.

However, there are times when the company would go through series of problems that would require the entire time of the executive.

All these are more are responsible for the stress which accrues in the life of an executive, making them unable to properly get enough rest.

Hence, a good number of them usually take drugs or alcohol so that it can help them relax properly.
The sad part is, the positive effects which these substances have, only lasts for a short period. The adverse effects are in the long run.

The executive might not realize this at first, but with time, he would realize that his life is not the way it used to be.

He would discover that his sense of reasoning and judgement have been impaired, and at that stage, it could be difficult to seek help, owing to the fact that they are ashamed and it would portray them as weak individuals.

This is why a luxury rehab comes in handy for an executive. The rehabilitation pattern of a luxury rehab is customized for an executive, as no one would know what is going on with them, except fellow executives.

With time, the executive would realize that he is getting better, to the ignorance of people who are around them.

The Role Location Plays in Luxury Rehab

location luxury rehabIt would not occur to some people that the location of an addiction rehab would play a part in the treatment itself, but this is largely the case. Just like in any other situation in life, environment affects its inhabitants. This is why luxury rehab facilities are almost always situated in some kind of picturesque setting. In fact, for the best rehab experience, potential clients should consider the location of the facilities they are investigating and determine whether or not the surroundings will be therapeutic or will carry added stress. When a rehab is located in the middle of a downtown area in close proximity of hustle and bustle, making a number of addictive vices available to recovering addicts, the environment can be detrimental to the client’s recovery.

Consider the traditional locations of rehabilitation centers: countrysides, lake shores, mountains or seaside. These locations are chosen for reasons other than appeasing the wealthy clients with a nice view. These natural environments are therapeutic and in tune with the ethics behind the treatment models. Part of a luxury rehab’s treatment includes adopting a more natural way of life that includes healthy eating, exercise and outdoor recreation. With an expansive natural area or wilderness region accessible from the rehab facility, the potential for interacting with the outdoors is endless. A luxury rehab’s program will also encourage reflection and meditation, which a natural environment facilitates.

Luxury rehab centers offer a number of therapeutic elements that will enhance your stay and strengthen your recovery. Aside from the gorgeous natural settings that luxury rehabs provide, the locations are also typically very private. Because many clients who attend a luxury rehab are high-profile individuals, it is important that their privacy is preserved and their anonymity kept. It is also an integral element of a luxury rehab to provide clients with resort style amenities to make their stay more enjoyable, relaxing and therapeutic. Luxury rehab facilities frequently come equipped with hot tubs, saunas, private gyms and other exclusive features.

What to Expect from a Luxury Rehab

luxury rehab expectationsWhen you begin the search for a luxury rehabilitation treatment program that suits your needs, it is important to remember that not all luxury rehab centers are the same. Some may advertise a beautiful setting and charge a high price for their location and amenities, but hide the fact that they have a low success rate due to poor resources and inexperienced staff. When looking for a quality luxury treatment center program that will return positive results and a true commitment to your recovery, environment, amenities and way of life are only some of the considerations to keep in mind.

Any reputable luxury rehab facility should start its patients out with a thorough detoxification process. This step toward recovery should either be done on site in the treatment facility or in a different licensed medical facility in order to monitor the patient around the clock. Detoxifying, especially in extreme cases of substance abuse, can be dangerous to the patient without a licensed medical professional present.

Once the luxury detoxification is complete, the behavioral treatment program will begin, often accompanied by ongoing medical services if the situation calls for it. The behavioral treatment and lifestyle adjustment period will comprise most of the time spent in rehabilitation, so finding a program that meets your individual needs and has a proven history of success is critical. Luxury addiction treatment programs typically last from 30 to 90 days, depending on how extreme the addiction being treated is. Finding a program with a range of counseling and therapy options is important to recovery, particularly for people who have more than one disorder to work through. It is very common for a person with an addiction to have another mental problem such as attention deficit disorder or depression, and a treatment program that heals the whole person will certainly be more successful than one that only addresses the problem of addiction.

And lastly, be sure to find out what kind of after care services are available to you once you finish the treatment program. A quality program will make care services such as time in a sober living house, support groups and sponsors available to you to keep you focused on your recovery.

Eight Luxurious Rehabilitation Centers Around the World

best luxury rehab centersIf it is luxury addiction treatment you seek from rehabilitation, here is a list of the eight most elegant luxury rehabilitation centers in the world.

  • Promises. United States. Boasting more celebrity stays than any other rehab, Promises carries the reputation of being the best luxury rehab center in the world. Catering largely to the Hollywood crowd, Promises treats substance abuse problems with holistic therapies, physical activity and an immaculate facility with an ocean view.
  • The Priory Group. United Kingdom. As the largest network of addiction treatment centers in Europe, the Priory Group offers treatment services for several forms of addiction and disorders, with its flagship facility in Roehampton being the pinnacle of luxury.
  • Passages. United States. This luxury treatment center is known for its highly specialized treatment that earned it the reputation of being one of the most successful rehabs in the world, and with a large world class staff, a small clientele base, and the best in elegance and refinement, its not hard to understand why.
  • The Meadows Clinic. United States. Located in the Sonoran Desert of the Southwest, this luxury rehab facility is known for treating a diverse number of problems with a variety of different treatment options, the focus being to eradicate addiction by attacking its underlying causes.
  • The Sanctuary. Australia. The Sanctuary is situated in a very desirable location on the eastern beachfront of Byron Bay, with private bungalows for patient living quarters. Specializing in luxury alcoholism treatment, this rehab unites natural Eastern therapies with behavioral counseling.
  • Valiant Recovery. Canada. Located on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, this luxury rehabilitation facility is considered the best Canada has to offer. With a distinctly Canadian setting of pines and lake recreation, Valiant Recovery boasts a high success rate for addicts recovering from substance abuse problems using highly specialized treatment options.
  • Cirque Lodge. United States. Famous for its secluded Rocky Mountain scenery and equine therapy program, this rehab facility makes use of nature and animal therapy to build self-confidence and trust within recovering addicts.
  • Serenity House. Spain. With a lush setting and classic Spanish architecture, the Serenity House is the most historic English-language rehab in Spain, and is known for its successful execution of the 12-Step program.

How a Luxury Rehab is Unique

unique luxury rehabA common misconception about luxury rehabilitation centers is that they are playgrounds or vacation locations for celebrities, with no real behavioral or medical benefits. While facilities like this do exist, there is a vast difference between a luxury rehab center with a quality reputation and one that is little more than a spa getaway.

One thing that sets a quality luxury rehab facility apart is its on-site amenities. The facility itself will often come equipped with things you might find in an expensive hotel, such as a game room, sauna, theater, gym and elegant rooms and decor. Luxury treatment centers frequently offer private rooms and chef-prepared meals, similar to what a high-profile individual might find in their own residence.

Luxury rehabs are often situated in a therapeutic location, such as near a lakeside, on a beachfront or in a secluded country-side. These kinds of environments are considered naturally more therapeutic as they remove the addict from the busy, social world that is often where their addictive behavior was allowed to flourish, and put them into a more serene, restful environment.

Often, a luxury addiction rehab will offer a wider range of activities and therapeutic ventures to participate in, such as outdoor adventure sports, yoga, gardening, pet therapy, swimming, spa relaxation and more. Again, these are common things for a person of a higher income bracket to have access to.

And lastly, rather than the misconception of a frivolous treatment program that takes a backseat to comfort and elegance, luxury rehab centers actually have a statistically higher success rate than other rehabilitation centers. This is because their higher cost can afford them access to the best and most current treatment options, along with continuing education for their staff.

Recover in Luxurious Surroundings

luxury rehab surroundingsThe living environment that a luxury rehab offers is certainly one of its most attractive qualities. Luxury rehabs are known for their beautiful and exclusive locations, their spacious and open architecture, their comfortable and elegant design and their fashionable and artistic decor. Government-funded rehabs are often cramped and sterile feeling, as there is little to no budget for the appearance of the facility. If a retreat setting is what you seek in a rehab, then luxury rehab is the best option for you.

The locations of luxury rehab facilities are one of their most desirable qualities. One only has to browse the internet to see that luxury rehab facilities are frequently situated near the ocean, in the countryside, on a lake shore or in the mountains. There are several benefits to this type of setting. The obvious reason for the pristine location is the therapeutic qualities that natural scenery offers. The calming, invigorating, reflective affect that nature has on people greatly enhances the treatment they receive in rehabilitation. The other primary benefit of an exclusive location is the privacy that comes with it. Those who enroll in a luxury rehab program are often high profile individuals who want their anonymity protected, and large properties that are set back from the public can provide that.

High profile individuals are also accustomed to spacious living conditions with private areas where they can retreat to relax or have personal time. The roomy architecture of a luxury rehab facility accommodates this. The properties that luxury rehabs operate out of are on the scale of mansions or resorts. Some were former private residences of the well to do, while others were built specifically for the business. The grounds are usually extensive and well manicured, complete with sitting areas and gardens. The facilities have private bedrooms and frequently have multiple kitchens, several washrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, a game room and a gym.

And finally, the luxury rehab aesthetic experience is topped off with elegant, fashionable decor and furniture. No one is more aware of how a person’s surroundings can affect their psychology than those in the mental health industry. That is why the decor, furniture and even the paint on the walls is chosen with recovery in mind. The colors of the facility are chosen to inspire motivation and reflection in its residents. The furniture is in excellent condition and is of the highest quality. The decor is very tasteful and frequently plays some role in encouraging the clients, for example a framed quote about staying strong and positive. Whether you are seeking luxury addiction treatment Canada, the United States or anywhere else in the world, there are bound to options that fit your preferences.