What to Expect from a Luxury Rehab

luxury rehab expectationsWhen you begin the search for a luxury rehabilitation treatment program that suits your needs, it is important to remember that not all luxury rehab centers are the same. Some may advertise a beautiful setting and charge a high price for their location and amenities, but hide the fact that they have a low success rate due to poor resources and inexperienced staff. When looking for a quality luxury treatment center program that will return positive results and a true commitment to your recovery, environment, amenities and way of life are only some of the considerations to keep in mind.

Any reputable luxury rehab facility should start its patients out with a thorough detoxification process. This step toward recovery should either be done on site in the treatment facility or in a different licensed medical facility in order to monitor the patient around the clock. Detoxifying, especially in extreme cases of substance abuse, can be dangerous to the patient without a licensed medical professional present.

Once the luxury detoxification is complete, the behavioral treatment program will begin, often accompanied by ongoing medical services if the situation calls for it. The behavioral treatment and lifestyle adjustment period will comprise most of the time spent in rehabilitation, so finding a program that meets your individual needs and has a proven history of success is critical. Luxury addiction treatment programs typically last from 30 to 90 days, depending on how extreme the addiction being treated is. Finding a program with a range of counseling and therapy options is important to recovery, particularly for people who have more than one disorder to work through. It is very common for a person with an addiction to have another mental problem such as attention deficit disorder or depression, and a treatment program that heals the whole person will certainly be more successful than one that only addresses the problem of addiction.

And lastly, be sure to find out what kind of after care services are available to you once you finish the treatment program. A quality program will make care services such as time in a sober living house, support groups and sponsors available to you to keep you focused on your recovery.